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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 20, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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posted. the remains were found on sunday night scattered in an area about 100 yards off one of the trails in the preserve and about two miles away from skyline boulevard. sheriff's deputies called to the scene confirm that the remains were human. the coroner is now leading the investigation into finding the person's identity and the cause of death. from the clothing that was also found the remains appear to be that of a male, and the early estimate that is the bones have been there for at least two years. the coroner's work starts with dental records and missing persons files. >> a forensic ototologist will come in to match the teeth. that's one way to identify the individual. the other is a dna sample that will be taken up to the lab in richmond, california. >> reporter: along with working to identify the remains, the
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county coroner's office is analyzing the bones to see if there are any traumatic injuries. right now the cause of death is undetermined. the coroner does have his work cut out for him. it won't be easy. he only has a skull without a jaw bone and a couple of long bones to work with. not a lot there. i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. crews at this hour wrapping up work on a water main break in san francisco's north beach neighborhood. it happened at the intersection of filbert and mason street. that intersection finally back open after this leak that led to ankle-deep water flowing in the streets. it ruptured about 2:15. neighbors woke up with no running water in their homes. >> i got up at 2:20 as i do every day to go to work at 3:00. i went in to brush my teeth and wash my face, there was no water. all i could hear was some bubbles in the background. then i walk out on to the street
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and see this mess all over the place. amazing. >> the powell/mason cable car line is running with a bus bridge in areas because crews are worried about debris on the track. they crews say they should have that water main fixed soon. new details in the bail hearing for olympian oscar pistorius. he was sent back to jail today with no decision from the magistrate on whether he should be granted bail. we're learning more about the early morning pistorius is accused of killing his girlfriend. michelle kosinski has more. >> reporter: today comes stunning details. the chief police investigator says they have witness statements from a woman who says she heard what sounded like fighting coming from the home for a full hour between 2:00 and 3:00 that morning, then heard gunshots, though the defense pointed out she lived nearly 2,000 feet away. another witness who claim head heard gunshots, looked out to see lights on at pistorius'
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home, then heard a woman scream followed by a couple more gunshots. police say they found steroids. defense quickly say that was an herbal remedy forcing police to say it may not have testosterone. go into the bathroom and shoot an angle through the door to the toilet if a distance of five feet away. now he would have had his prosthetic legs on because the bullet holes were high on the door. pistorius has says his legs were off. he woke in the middle of the night to get a fan from his balcony when he heard a noise from the bathroom. i felt a sense of terror rushing over me, felt extremely vulnerable. i knew i had to protect reeva and myself. i grabbed my .9 millimeter pistol from under my bed, screamed words for them to get out. it was pitch dark and i thought reeva was in bed. prosecutors make it clear they don't buy it. >> some of what we're hearing
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would not even be admissible at a trial. this is only a bond hearing. we don't know if pistorius will be released. pistorius will be back in court tomorrow. it will be the third day of this bond hearing. we are expecting to hear a ruling on whether he will be granted bail. right now brand new video of an early morning fire in a garage in san mateo. investigators there say the detached garage caught fire at about 5:00 this morning. some of those surrounding homes had to be evacuated, but we're happy to report nobody was hurt. investigators say the home, the garage was next to, happened to be vacant, but they say they found a space heater in that garage. right now they're looking into whether somebody was living in the garage. search crews have found a body in the rubble of a kansas city restaurant that was destroyed by an explosion and fire last night. the body has not been identified, but one employee at that restaurant is still missing. the massive fire was triggered by a natural gas explosion
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yesterday evening near an upscale shopping area not far from downtown kansas city. as of now, officials say 16 people were hurt. three of them seriously. the exact cause of the plablast under investigation. but witnesses reported smelling natural gas hours before that explosion. a disturbing story out of southern california. a body found wedged in the water tank on the roof of a downtown l.a. hotel has been identified as that of a missing canadian woman. her body was found yesterday after guests complained of low water pressure. police are still investigating how her body ended up in that water tank. pleasant hill police this morning releasing new sketches of two suspects wanted for a home invasion robbery. investigators say the pair targeted a home back on february 7th on wendy drive just off interstate 680. they allegedly held up occupants at gunpoint.
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police also looking for a third suspect. a security camera nearby caught their getaway car. the first one is a white newer model chevy trail blazer suv with rear-tinted windows. it also has lowered black wheels with silver hubcaps. the other car is late '80s model solara, possibly blue in color. anyone with information is asked to please call pleasant hills police. the hayward city council has voted on a moratorium on sweepstakes cafe. they'll use it to revise current zoning regulations. right now there are two cafes operating in hayward. alameda county has already begun shutting down similar businesses at unincorporated areas. internet sweepstakes cafes offer patrons las vegas-style gambling themed games. the city of san jose flipping a major switch working to reconnect some 900 street lights. crews starting to work this
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weekend along streets like camden avenue, blossom hill road and tully road. those lights were shut off four years ago because of budget cuts. the city council recently approved a plan to get them turned back on. this should take about three months to finalize the work. parking near at&t park is about to get even more expensive during giants home games or other special events at the ballpark. we're talking quite a bit more. on event days, the meters will cost up to $7 an hour between 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. that's compared to just a quarter, 25 cents on nonevent days. the new rates go into effect just in time for the world baseball classic which is held in mid-march. >> wow. 25 cents to seven buck. that hurts. >> you got to get a big pack of quarters. >> a big old bag. free of charge still ahead, spring training in scottsdale. introduce to you a man who gets from stadium to stadium.
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now he's helping the san francisco giants tour the majors. and the countdown's on. you can see there's not much time left. will these artists be ready in time for the chinese new year's parade? i'm bob redell. we'll find out. a new look for yahoo! this morning. it's very purple. and that winter storm from yesterday left a mark. i'll let you know how long we'll see the white peaks in the bay area. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ the one and only, cheerios yahoo!'s ceo marisa meyer unveiling a brand new look for the yahoo! homepage on the "today" show just a short time ago. scott mcgrew says -- well, it's purple. >> good morning. it is very purple. here it is. if you don't see this on your own computer right away, you will soon. purple, of course, is the
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official color of yahoo! yahoo! employees sometimes say they bleed purple. it's got a cleaner look. now for all of yahoo!'s woes, this is still one of the most visited sites on the internet, and it has a new look this morning. tesla meanwhile reports its financials later on today. how many cars is tesla making? they're targeting 400 a week, but last time we heard from tesla, they were only making a few dozen a week. how many new reservations is going to be important and how many cancellations on those reservations? tesla has tapped out all of its $460 million loan from the government. last fall it went back to wall street with a secondary offering of stock. investors hated that. so tesla is out of places to find new money except through profitably building cars, which obviously everyone hopes is exactly what will happen. back to you. scott, thank you so much.
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it is crunch time at pier 54 in san francisco where float builders are putting those finishing touches on before this weekend's chinese new year parade. bob redell is there live to see if they'll be ready in time. how's it going. >> reporter: how's this for workplace pressure, telling you exactly how much time you don't have to get the job done. you can see we've just got around three days left until saturday's chinese new year parade, an annual tradition here in san francisco. this is how much time these artists have to get these floats completed here in pier 54. you're looking at eight of the floats, eight of the 25 that will be in the parade. dave thomas, the master float builder been doing this for years. good to see you. >> i remember when i saw you in a christmas parade frolicking on a float maybe a decade ago. >> reporter: you've been doing this for 25 years. what happens if you don't make the deadline? >> they'll drag my lifeless body through the parade.
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>> reporter: so there will be floggings and a summary execution. >> worse than that, they'll want all the money back. >> reporter: you started doing this, this parade right after the last parade starts. >> yes. >> reporter: what's the timeline after that? >> we actually started having to do drawings in october. we actually started physically building in early december. the money really opened up in the beginning of january. that's when we had to go get going to it. we did some accounts and discovered we're about 7,000 man-hours short two weeks ago. so the crew instantly blossomed down here to 50 people. >> reporter: to the average person looking at this, this is an art. but you say it's not necessarily art. >> it's moving heavy things, dragging floats along. it's welding. lifting unbearable sheets of plywood all day long. the easy part is the glittering. >> reporter: how much glitter? >> right now over 300 pounds of gold and 150 pounds of what we call cristalinea, which is a
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float carved out of a block of styrofoam. >> reporter: that is something that's got to be very difficult to carve. >> it's been a big challenge. if you look at it, there's no wings on it because we had to make them where they retract in side or we can't get it out of the building. we'll extend the wings out on the street, then put the actual finish work on. >> reporter: are you feeling the stress? >> oh, beyond belief. i'm only 29. look what it did to me. i'm wearing out here. help me, please, anybody. >> reporter: dave, nice job as always, man. >> as usual, i encourage people, come, take public transportation. there will be no parking spaces left in san francisco. there will be a million people trying to leave at the same time you are. i would come at about noon, get great dinners, enjoy the city, go down to the union square area, find your little turf and enjoy an amazing nighttime
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parade. one of the few left in the united states. >> reporter: the parade rolls out at 5:15 from second and market. depending on weather could be from a half million to a million people out there. the year of the snake this year. marla, jon? >> all right. great stuff. we got to get that guy on the payroll. he's hilarious. >> dave needs his own float. >> we've got to look for bob redell flolicing on a float. we'll find that later. from video yesterday afternoon. how about this? hail storms just pelting the south bay. this is video of that hail coming down pretty hard in san jose, willow glen. look out below. and take a look at mt. diablo this morning. a light dusting of snow covering the peak after yesterday's storm swept right through. >> christina loren joins us now. the cold temperatures are sticking around. >> that means we need to stick around this snow. as you head throughout the day today, you'll get a beautiful
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view. you know if you've lived here for any duration of time, we don't get this many times per year. maybe three times if we're lucky. that's mt. hamilton dusted with snow. look at this. a rope tornado reported not too far from here. east of i-5 between corning and red bluff. that's very dangerous. happy to report there was nobody hurt. there was no damage, but we always want your pictures. as we head throughout the day today. after the nice frigid start that we have. 52 in san jose. 53 in sunnyvale, you almost made it that weekend just a couple days away now. as we head throughout the day today, that cool ocean air is going to continue to pump on shore. you can see that from your winds out of the west. that will keep us a little bit on the cool side. a reinforcing shot of cool air. a dry system. it will come through here. that's going to keep temperatures from climbing. 60 degrees today.
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that's your high temperature in livermore. 59 degrees in los gatos. it will be cold each and every morning and a return of those low clouds tomorrow as well. friday looks good for activity. another dry system comes through. it may produce a stray shower or two up in the north bay, a chance is very slim, though, 20%. sunday that sun comes back out in full force. we're looking good for the weekend, guys. i know you two are thinking about it. i know it. >> always. >> i was thinking about it on sunday night. >> christina, thank you. it doesn't feel like spring, but the giants are back for spring training. their opening game just days away now. >> how about the world champions of baseball fused with rock fans. they gear up for their very first game. they talk with a man who is making sure their schedule just stays on track. >> today here at giants camp, it's photo day. the perfect rainy day activity. not just photos taking place but
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all kind o organization going into what is leading up to cactus league plan. the man in charge of all the logistics is a guy who has a history with big-time rock music in stadiums across the world. now he helps the giants go from ballpark to ballpark. take a look. >> after two world series titles in three years the giants have no doubt achieved rock star status. so it should come as no surprise that the man who helps the team tour the majors came to the giants from a similar role with rock legend u2. >> it's trading microphones for bats. >> brett alexander makes sure all the travel and logistics are perfectly dialed in. because with both the giants and what's arguably the world's biggest band, it's all about making connections from city to city and with the fans. >> we're part of entertainment, we're the show. and there's an audience. whether that audience is there to listen to music or watch home runs, it's respecting the fact that those fans are paying a
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price to come watch us and let's deliver the best product we can. >> what would be great to see is these two worlds coming together. bono and crew would no doubt love bochy's band of misfits. >> hopefully when they're out on the next tour, i hope that we collide. i hope that we find that collision out there somewhere where we can get ball players to the show and vice versa, so that we can see them together. that would be fun. i hope that that works. >> coming up just a little bit later tonight on the evening news, we show you behind the scenes at fphoto day. everyone getting their photo taken for the 2013 campaign to come. we'll see you in a bit. >> tell him that we said hello. >> you know what i'd like to see, bruce bochy and bono kicking it at at&t park. look forward to that. >> looking forward to olympics coming to the bay area. why the commit se reaching out. a major milestone and a
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brand new record for stanford.
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welcome back, everybody. stanford university is setting a new record this morning in a single year the school becomes the first one to top $1 billion in fund-raising. that according to the council for aid to education. the total of more than $1 billion breaks down to nearly $56,000 for each of stanford's undergraduates and graduate students. school officials say that money will be used for research and construction. harvard university, for the record, was a distant second bringing in $650 million. and uc berkeley was the leading fund-raiser amunk all public universities taking in just
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under $400 million. the way area may be in the running to host the 2024 summer olympic games. the mayor sent letters to the mayor of san francisco, san jose and sacramento to gain interest in a potential bid. los angeles, dallas, oklahoma are among the cities that have expressed interest. salt lake city was the last to stage the winter games in 2002. the bay area olympic games. like the sound of that. >> me, too.
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right now we are following breaking news in san francisco. our chopper is above a gas leak at 24th and bryant. this is between folsom and petraro. you can see pg&e at this gas leak. what we're being told is that someone, a third party, was in the area and hit a two-inch
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plastic line that caused the gas to leak out of there. pg&e have to dig up the area. people have been evacuated. but the good news is this gas line rupture should be fixed in 25 minutes. join us tonight. thanks for being with us.
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